An HTML based RSS reader. I was tired of limitations, such as inability to add feeds or it tracking which links I visited. Some other RSS reader would suffice, but it would involve me creating an account for a site and using it or using an application to do it. I used Firefox's for a little while, but liked having a web page so I could read more than the headline. Lastly, I thought this would allow me to view it on any device that had even a simple web browser. I did not include any JavaScript so I had to refresh manually but could quickly remember the last story I saw.

So, SimpleReader was born. Written in Perl, I may some day release it to CPAN. At a minimum I'll make it simpler to install. I have not fully finished the organizing of modules -- there's no module for instance -- and it must be run in the cloned directory.

If curious, can clone it with: git clone git://