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Select a park to grab hits from and a park on which to display them. Every hit is scaled (roughly) to the chosen park to display upon. Things like atmosphere effects or interaction with the walls are completely ignored since I lack the data to properly map the hits to the new field. Every location is where the ball was fielded by a player, not where it landed.

Optionally, you can filter which hits should be displayed by pitcher and/or batter. Most combinations will have few or zero hits. The selections will remain if you change the park you are displaying on, but will be reset if you pick a new park to select hits from.

Use the legend on the right-hand side to select which hits to display. Because the variety of events recorded in the data, some coalescing of events was done. For instance, sacrifice flies are considered to be fly outs while force outs, GIDP, and fielders choice outs are considered to be ground outs. The color corresponds to the run value of each type of hit. The mapping is not linear because there was too much similarity between the colors.


June 1, 2013: Added new PETCO and Safeco parks.


Ball In Play. I am using a very inclusive sense of "play" since home runs are included, but usually are not considered to be in play.