Things I have worked on.




Things that I worked on but are now archived. The text for all of them was copied from when they weren’t yet moribund.


Not originally my project, I wrote some patches and gradually took over the development. Being able to run a bot 24/7 (dude Shawn, you need to get your own local server) is largely the reason why it was dumped on me. In the midst of a partial rewrite to use Moose and a different ORM. Some day I will finish this and get it working smoothly with a live dgl installation.


This is not really my project, but rather Shawn’s. I simply worked on it a bit and did the darcs to git conversion. My only claim to fame would be adding color support to TAEB, which was a first (that I know) for bots. I also did the initial mapping of various tile features to something unique for each (glyph, color) tuple to ensure no confusion.